10 Schools and a Cross-Channel Ferry

14 Mar 2019

How was your World Book Day experience? I hope you’ve had a lot of fun. I have been visiting lots of schools over the last couple of weeks and have many more still to reach!

I saw some amazing dress-ups involving my characters. Such as this amazing Teggs from Astrosaurs Academy. There was also a super killer sock from the Slime Squad!

My own dog, Clara, decided to dress up as Mr Dog from my brand new series with Ben Fogle! (Book 1 came out on World Book Day!)

As for me, I racked up some miles visiting not only schools but also a ferry! With two Irishmen named John (Docherty and Boyne) I tried to entertain some travellers aboard a DFDS ferry from Dover to Calais and back again. One of the stranger locations I’ve presented events! Steve Cole, John Docherty, John Boyne

After that I visited Sir Thomas Rich School in Gloucester, Chandlings School in Abingdon, Sedbergh Prep up in the Lake District, Leighton Park School in Reading, Richard Alibon School in Dagenham, Danes Hill School in Oxshott, Kingshott School in Hitchin, Grimsdyke Primary in Harrow, St Peter in Thanet School in Broadstairs, St George’s School in Windsor… and there will be more. Many more, very soon.

Steve Cole

How long my voice will last out is anyone’s guess! But I’ve made a lot of children laugh and enjoy using their imaginations, and after all, that’s what counts!

  • Wow – I’m glad you’re working so hard to keep the magic of World Book Day going! I’m currently in my second year at the University of Winchester, studying Creative Writing, but funnily enough we didn’t really do anything for World Book Day. I’m sure there were some good costumes and events in my old school, though!

  • Hi Steve
    On World Book Day Class 1 at Anston Park Infant School finished your spooky, exciting book Astrosaurs The Space Ghosts. We chose this book because it had dinosaurs, space and a little bit of mining in it. We have already done a topic on mining and dinosaurs. Guess what our current topic is … space!
    We really loved the part where the kraggle-scruncher got squashed by the iguanodon. We were wondering if you could help us to decide which Astrosaur book to read next.
    Thank you from Mrs Frogson and Class 1 at Anston Park Infant School

  • Hi Steve
    We have just been reading your Astrosaurs book The Space Ghosts and we have loved it. Our favourite part was when the Kraggle-Scruncher got squashed! This book has been perfect for us because we have already done a topic on mining and dinosaurs. Guess what our current topic is … Space!
    We wondered if you could recommend which Astrosaur book to read next.
    Thanks from Class 1 at Anston Park Infant School

    • Hello Class 1! I’m glad you enjoyed the Kraggle-Scruncher being scrunched! Another Kraggle-Scruncher turns up in The Dreams of Dread… perhaps you could try that one? Or you might like the dinosaur pirates of The Star Pirates!
      Best astro-wishes from Steve

      • Hi Steve Cole my name is Brook Platts will you give me a photograph in the post of you I’m in class 1 I can use it for show and tell I all of the books so far that I’ve read up to know


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