50 Years and 3 Crazy Days!

26 Nov 2013


I’ve had a very exciting few days at the ExCel centre in London, hosting interviews on a stage for the BBC Doctor Who 50th Celebration. It was an amazing event, with about 8,000 people turning up each day! Lots of Doctors were there, including Matt Smith, and loads of companions too, as well as a ton of props and costumes from 50 years of Doctor Who.

If that doesn’t make you want to kiss a Dalek, what will?!


I got to work with some amazing people. Here I am in the TARDIS with stage producer Anne Sutton and my co-host, Stephen Cranford. They were both very professional (Stephen works for BBC Radio and Anne produces things for TV!).

Steve in the TARDIS

I got to meet 4 Doctor Who directors – including Waris Hussein, who directed the very first story – 1 producer, 2 script editors, 1 production designer, 1 production manager, 2 costume designers, 2 visual FX experts (including the man who blew up Daleks for The Day of the Doctor!), 1 Special Sound Effects maker and 4 actors…

One of the biggest thrills was to chat to two men best known for their voices – David Graham and John Leeson. David has played everyone from Parker in Thunderbirds to a Dalek to Granddad Pig in Peppa Pig, and John is the voice of K9! Both of them were charming and funny and a pleasure to talk to.


Now I just have to remember how to write books! I’ve got a lot of work to do…

    • And of course, from now on a 3D painting of Gallifrey will never ever slip down your wall – because Gallifrey Falls No More, ha ha!

  • hi Steve my name is Elia and i am from mile oak primary school. I remember you coming and i was the one who was sitting on the chair and i said that Heidie could have poisonous carrots. Anyway… the question i was going to ask you in the assembly was: If you weren’t an author then what other job would you have? Thank you for coming to our school i love your sense of humor you are so funny!!!!

    • Hello Ella! I’m glad you enjoyed my visit to Mile Oak, I had lots of fun – and that was a great suggestion of yours, the poisonous carrot-power! If I wasn’t an author, I would like to have been a chat show host. Except I would shout and yell at my guests and ask them dumb questions like ‘What’s your favourite story about baked beans?’ and so on. Hmm, maybe it’s a good job I’m an author!

  • hi steve i am danielle i really enjoyed when you came to mengham junior school you are so funny about that diner lady thing and i just read the cows in action the moo-mys curse i really enjoyed it and my mum just orderd me the cows in action the ter-moonaters. i am going to collect all the cows in action books!

  • Hi Steve,
    I am contacting you to see if you would be available to visit our very friendly primary school to talk to the children? We are a small school (78 pupils) based in Leicestershire, and very much hope that you would consider visiting us some time in October next year?

  • Hi Steve,
    Are you still doing school visits? It’s just that a school in Scarborough has asked but I think the last time I contacted you, you said that you had stopped and I think if that’s the case I need to take you off my list! Well for author visits anyway, still love the books!
    Would you drop me a line to confirm as I know I should go through random House but that’s a real pain.
    Here’s hoping!

  • Hi Steve,
    I met you at Aylesbury Library last week. I have been coming up with some ideas, do you think that it would be good to combine writing with something you love? ie. History, science etc…

    • Sure, Tom, if you’re writing about something you are passionate about that will make it more fun and inform the writing!

  • Hi Steve,

    You might not remember, but I met you on a train a few weeks ago; I’m doing my teacher training and was moaning about teaching English grammar. Just thought I’d let you know that one of my year 5 boys is reading an Astrosaurs book, which he loves. When I told him I’d met the author the whole class were so excited that it led to a lovely long discussion on writing, favourite authors and book recommendations! A lot more of them now want to read your books!

    • Hi Lindsey! Of course I remember, and that is a lovely thing to hear. Keep up your sterling work and don’t let the Gove-rnment grind you down – enthusing children about books and reading is an amazing thing to be doing!


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