A Blast at Christmas!

16 Dec 2014





Sorry I’ve been away for a while! I’ve been leaping about all over the place. Mostly in Scotland, touring with the Scottish Book Trust Book Week Roadshow!

Beth and Emma drove me hundreds of miles over hill and vale in the special SBT van, showing me the mist on yonder crag, the fragrant heather on the banks of Loch Lomond and a salsa club in Glasgow, which was really quite something!


SBT girls and steveMy audiences were great; each day saw me speak to a primary school and a secondary school. And my Young Bond novel has had some more lovely reviews in the press! No wonder I felt so bouncy.


Luckily I found the energy to finish writing my second Young Bond book, which I delivered on 4th December. It won’t be gone long – I shall be working on rewrites in January, which just gives me time to finish writing Secret Agent Mummy 3 first! Can’t believe book 2 is out next month – THE CLEOPATRA CASE! See if you can spot it on a shelf out of its bandages!


Cleo case

Hope you enjoy the last days before Christmas – and the big day itself, of course!


    • Argh, Poppy! I hope the thought of exams won’t overshadow all your festive fun! I am asking for an extra month in the year, but I know they are difficult to wrap up. So I’ll settle for socks! Hope you get everything you hope for (including easy exams!).

  • Well, it’s a shame I read this blog now rather than earlier on, now that Christmas has been and gone, I won’t be able to get into the festive mood . But I’ve still got all my Christmas presents to have fun with and look forward to my birthday and next Christmas.

    Oh, by the way steve, who is, or was your favourite author when you were a child? Just asking so I could know how you got your inspiration when you were younger .

    • Hi Chris! Stan Lee was one of my favourite writers, as I read a lot of comics. I also liked Roald Dahl and the writers of the Doctor Who novelisations were a big inspiration, in particular Terrance Dicks!

      • Thank you Steve, I like Roald dahl too, some of his books are my favourites. Like The Witches and Matilda. I’m also looking forward to the film Esio Trot which is coming out soon that’s based on one of his books, I wonder if one of your books might turn into a film or TV show.

        • Oh, and by the way, another quick question, how did you get the illustrations for the covers of your cows in action and slime squad books? Was it someone called Andy Parker? If so, how did you contact him to make some brilliant illustrations for your covers and collector cards? If you could tell me that would be brilliant!

          • I am lucky, because my publishers talk to illustrators on my behalf and ask them to try out for new projects. Andy Parker did a brilliant job on those covers! As for whether any of my books will make it to TV or film, a couple have come close, but who knows. I’d like it to happen some day!

  • Hi Steve,
    Could you please advise me on how we might book you for a book festival in October 2015? We would love to have you join us.
    Thanks so much
    Simon Asker


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