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12 Mar 2015

Costume Creations

Did you dress up for World Book Day? I thought I’d share a couple of cool pics I was tweeted…

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10 Mar 2015

Adventures in Dubai

I’ve been away at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2015 in Dubai…

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03 Feb 2015

Ten Years of Astrosaurs!

Today I’m wishing a very happy birthday to the Astrosaurs – whose first adventures were published exactly ten years ago!

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19 Jan 2015

Unwrapping Cleopatra!

Sorry I’ve been gone a while! There was Christmas and New Year, and I had to write Secret Agent Mummy Book 3 and had to promote Secret Agent Mummy 2 – The Cleopatra Case, which came out this month!

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16 Dec 2014

A Blast at Christmas!

A new tour completed, a new book delivered, a new book on the horizon, and it’s CHRISTMAS!

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21 Nov 2014

Big Bond Blast!

Young Bond: Shoot to Kill. One book has become my world…

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01 Nov 2014

Pressed for Time!

Just days away now from the launch of SHOOT TO KILL, here’s a round up of what I’ve been up to…

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09 Oct 2014

It’s here! (While I’m not!)

Look! Will you look? LOOK! I have a finished copy of Shoot To Kill. It’s a real book! Whoa! But hang on, where have I been?

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22 Sep 2014

Upcoming Stuff

Festivals. Young Bond. Watford. Come read.

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06 Sep 2014

Young Bond website is GO!

If you’re after sneaky peeks at my new Young Bond book, check out the brand new SHOOT TO KILL website…

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31 Aug 2014

Mummies in Edinburgh

For this year’s trip to the Edinburgh Festival I went in disguise…

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12 Aug 2014

Holiday Happenings

Leaping into pools, decoding strange signs and driving around in secret agents – that’s my kind of holiday!

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19 Jul 2014

From Early to Young Adult

I enjoy writing for all ages, but just lately my head’s been whirling from Key Stage 1 up to Young Adult… Blame a real-life pet monster and a convention full of legendary authors!

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30 Jun 2014

Mission: Exhaustible

From concert halls in Southampton to secret assignments in Pimlico, I’ve been dashing about on all sorts of missions…

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17 Jun 2014

Dressing the Part

I wrote the book, I wore the t-shirt… (Unlike Prof McMoo who would wear a TEA shirt, of course…)

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09 Jun 2014

Little Big Stars

It’s not often you play the ukulele dressed as Spider-Man to 400 people in a theatre… but on Saturday, that’s what happened!

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30 May 2014

Shoot to Kill!

The title and cover of my new Bond book – revealed!

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26 May 2014


Hot Bond news, dog-mummies and ukeleles await you in this blog post…

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18 May 2014

Me in your Class!

I’m off on tour – your school could watch one of my events LIVE for FREE on Wednesday 21st!

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14 May 2014


Hey, Hay, Hey! It’s nearly MUMMY time… break out the bandages! And can I have some for my poor dizzy head…?

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Number of Posts: 71