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25 Apr 2014

Sleepless in the Sun

There was an interview with me in The Sun newspaper today!

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09 Apr 2014

Getting About!

I’m getting around, my books are getting around, and one day I shall get around to doing all the things I haven’t got around to doing because I’ve not been around.

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30 Mar 2014

Comic Capers!

I did an event yesterday for the Essex Festival, all about comics. There was some fabulous live drawing by writer-illustrator Sarah McIntyre…

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28 Mar 2014

Who is Sergeant Katzburger?

Read on for a snippet of Aliens Stink!, with some words of wisdom from a slightly miserable character…

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23 Mar 2014

New Books… coming your way!

It seems a long time since Astrosaurs vs Cows In Action came out. But soon, you’ll find TWO new Steve Cole adventures rushing to a bookshop near you!

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07 Mar 2014

World Book Day Week!

It’s a day. It’s about books. It takes place in the world. What could it be? And what could I be doing for it?

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28 Feb 2014

Who’s Bond

From glamorous Los Angeles to slightly less glamorous Bedford to rather more glamorous Brighton, erm… yes, it’s a glamorous life, writing books!

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12 Feb 2014

Someone Borrowed

I sneaked onto BBC1’s National Lottery Quiz Show last Saturday…

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07 Feb 2014

Leopard on the Loose!

My picture book, illustrated by Bruce Ingman, is now roaring about a bookshop near you!

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21 Jan 2014

Zygon Attack!

Happy New year! Yes, I know it’s a bit late to say it, but how do you know I haven’t got a time machine? It’s 21st January to you, but to me it might be 20 days earlier…

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21 Dec 2013

Christmas Comics!

I’ve got a comic strip treat for you all, and it’s come all the way from Brussels…

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11 Dec 2013


See a hamster on a sleigh! See the Magic Ink audiobook! See words on a screen! YES!!!

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26 Nov 2013

50 Years and 3 Crazy Days!

Did you enjoy all the Doctor Who stuff on TV for the 50th anniversary? I got to celebrate in a full-on, fantastic way!

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20 Nov 2013

Let’s Talk!

Here’s amazing illustrator Lynne Chapman with a sketch of me she made while we were talking at a teacher’s conference in Norwich last week. I’ve been doing a lot of talking lately – more talking that writing in fact! I’ve been talking to my editor about rewrites for the first Young Bond book. It’s got […]

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06 Nov 2013

Who’s fifty?!

Doctor Who is 50 years old this month – and I’ve been called upon to talk about the mighty Time Lord and his adventures…

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26 Oct 2013

Hatching Plots!

I love seeing pictures of fans with their books!

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20 Oct 2013

Brussels (no sprouts)

Brussels – No Sprouts! Here I am in a street in Brussels. I didn’t get much chance to check out the sights, I was too busy visiting international schools with Gary and Anny from Bookbox International. I had a lovely time at the European School of Mol, whose children had written excellent stories based around […]

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10 Oct 2013

Festival Fun

With ‘Astrosaurs vs CIA’ finally out, I went to the Bath Festival and then on to the Cheltenham Festival to meet some barmy book fans…

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09 Oct 2013

My Words Are My Bond…

Exciting news! I’m starting a brand new book project featuring a very famous character…

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03 Oct 2013

Happy Book Birthday x3!

Today, two new books published in the UK –’ Astrosaurs vs Cows In Action’ and ‘Twit – the Owl Who Wasn’t Wise’ (for young readers). In the USA, Z. Apocalypse was published in paperback. HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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