Christmas Comics!

21 Dec 2013

As many of you will know, I’ve always loved comics.

Marvel superheroes helped me get into reading!

They have inspired the creation of my own crazy costumed characters, from the Astrosaurs in their space armour to Stupendous Man in Magic Ink.

This year, I’ve been visiting schools and encouraging the children to take inspiration from comics when making up their own stories.

The European School of Mol in Belgium went so far as to hold a competition for the best pupil comic strip!

Mr Clayton there has sent me the winning entries.

I’ve had such fun reading them!

I thought you might enjoy them too.

I’m leaving lots of gaps between lines so we can see the comic strips in all their wonder without the CIA banner hanging down over them…

Here’s Mathilde, Moza and Luca’s ‘Super Chica Wow-Wow!’

I love the name, I love the action.

Take that, Snake!

Super Chica Wow Wow!

Check out Ernst’s ‘The Making of Horrulman’! I love a good origin story.
Horrul Man

Niamh’s ‘Dog Girl’ is fabulous. I love the last panel with Rat Man left smoking from DG’s electric whisker shot!
Eu School Mol Yr2 Niamh Dog Girl

And finally, here’s Winny and Eleonora’s ‘SWEET BACON POWER’! This has become the latest Cole catchphrase in my house.
Sweet Bacon Power



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