14 May 2014



I’m launching his exploits at the Hay Festival on 29th May (click here to learn more) and signing the very first copies…

Then, on Thurs 5th June, he’ll be bursting into a bookstore (or e-reader!) near you!


It’s all very exciting. But my head is slightly spinning.

I’m busy working on SAM book 2 at the moment. I’m also working on the storyline of Young Bond 2.

And I’m also planning what I’ll be saying at the Hay Festival event.

And I’m also planning what I’ll be doing on the Aliens Stink tour next week.

You could say I’m a bit spaced out…

Steve in Space

Speaking of Aliens Stink!, I have another website for you to explore by clicking here!

Hope you enjoy the full-length version of the Little G song!

  • I like the picture of you in space. Is that a nebula behind you or a weird alien stink-cloud? SAM looks cool as well!

  • I love the idea on how S.A.M is short for secret agent mummy, his name is similar to P.I.E’s off the slime squad. Young Bond sounds good as well, and also with this aliens stink buisness I thought I’d tell you that I’m going to make this movie with my friends called Friends and the Foes, it’s where four friends save their school from ALIENS that want to invade the world!
    Nice talking to you

  • I’m really sorry I can’t stay at the Hay Festival longer so that I can come and see you. I love Astrosaurs vs Cows in Action. Please can you come to my school soon. I have a great Teggs costume that I dress up in!

    • Sorry to hear I’ll miss you at the Hay Festival, Cormac. If your pet grown-up follows me on Twitter you can always send a pic of you in your costume, bet it’s cool!

        • Hi Cormac, afraid I didn’t get the picture – you could ask your pet adult to try posting it to the Steve Cole Books Facebook page? I don’t know where your school is, but I do travel round a lot to bookshops and festivals so keep an eye out for when I’m next in town… 🙂


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