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09 Oct 2014

Steve Bond book

Well, at last – one year on from when it was announced I was writing the new Young Bond books, a finished copy has arrived. I think it looks amazing. So pleased!

I’ve been out and about eventing for the last 6 working days.
I started off in a school in Aylesbury where I met a real super-fan – Caitlin! She was one of the brightest, bounciest little bundles of energy I’ve ever met.

Steve and fan

Then I went to Bradford-on-Avon to do two events in lovely Christ Church school, before flying off to Northern Ireland for events at the Derry Festival. What a beautiful place! And what a couple of amazing audiences!

Steve Cole in Derry

No sooner was I back than it was time for the Cheltenham Festival. I did a small teatime event for some competition winners…

Steve Chelters

…then the next day I spoke to a sell-out 600-strong crowd of kids in the big festival tent.

Now I’m back here and I’m EXHAUSTED. Thank goodness I can unwind with a new Young Bond book…!

  • It’s such a shame that I didn’t spot that Cheltenham festival competition in time, I just read about it on the day it was happening so I was really late! If there is a next time then maybe I’ll spot it soon enough.

    • That is a shame, Chris, but there’s a strong chance I’ll be back next year talking about Bond, and of course I may turn up sooner! I’ll mention it here on the website 🙂

  • I saw you at Cheltenham lit fest and I thought you were great, I was laughing my head off. The rest of my class enjoyed it as well. Thank you, Will

    • I’m glad you spotted that, Poppy! I laughed to see the thing from the moon even had 4 wings, just like a Star Dragon!

  • Hi Steve, congratulations on your new book. I’d love to review it for Menswear Style. We get 100k hits a month and have over 110k followers.
    Not sure if I can post links here but email me if you can, I’d love to have an interview with you to accompany the review. Kind regards

  • Hi Steve
    I wrote to you a couple of months ego congratulating you on taking the young bond mantle from the excellent charlie higson and wishing you luck. Well recntly I entered a competition (thanks to to win a pre-published edition of Shoot To Kill and by luck I won and ounce I got the book I read it within 3 days and I must say it was AMAYZING!!! Its great to have young James Bond back as if he never left Charle Higson. You’re done a superb job at bringing him back in Shoot To Kill and steering james bond in the right path that one day we know what he will become. Not just that I have faith in you and I had no doubt, but I’m a fan of you in the young bond series. I will make reveiw of the book on on the 6th of Nov so I dont spoil anthing now and I will like to know if you will be doing any book sighnings? But ounce again great work and i look forward to more young bond adventures

    yours truly stephen

    • Congrats on winning that comp, Stephen – and thank you very much for the kind words, I’m delighted you liked it! I’m appearing at STREAM festival in South London on Nov 8th talking about Young Bond, and will be touring the country in November. If you check here and ‘like’ the Steve Cole Books Facebook page you can keep up with where I’ll be! Cheers, Steve


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