K is for… Edinburgh?!

25 Aug 2013

Click on the link here to see the video of me naming my Special K-word.

What is YOUR fave word?

I always seem to have a lovely time at the Edinburgh Festival, and this year (my 8th) was no exception. I talked at two schools in Inverclyde, a library in Costorphine, and did a Doctor Who event with top Who-writers Justin Richards and Ben Aaronovitch.

On Saturday I had fun at my Magic Ink event (though I talked about all my old faves too!) and then met most of the audience at the signing after. It was lovely to chat and pose for pics.

Special thanks to Erin, who was brilliant on stage as the superheroic Mega-Mutt, and Angus who was the terrific Tiger-Shark Man. And big helloes to first-in-the-queue Josh, as well as loyal Edinburgh Fest regulars Elliot, Anya and Guy (good to see you again, people!).





Grateful thanks to Janet Smyth and the team, particularly Hannah Trevarthen, for looking after me so well. I had a great time!

  • Hi, I was wondering if you’ll ever consider writing a book like the wereling again? I bought it when it first came out nearly 10 years ago, and every few years I re-read it, I just fell inlove with the story when I was younger and It’s got a special place in my heart, I think another book in the series would be amazing, or something similar. (: Thank you for writing that book, it’s one of my favourites

    • Hi Samantha, I’m so glad you liked the Wereling (I’m guessing you got the sequels Prey and Resurrection too?!). They were some of my earliest original fiction titles. You might like the Thieves Like Us books which have a mix of action, romance and supernatural elements. No immediate plans to go back to werewolves, but I’d never say never…!

    • Hey, so it is! I had not noticed that before. I now like it too! Like I like the names Anna and Hannah for the same reason…!


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