Little Big Stars

09 Jun 2014

Steve and Laura

Here I am, soundchecking on stage at the Richmond Theatre in London, with the amazing Laura Dockrill – performer, poet and award-festooned author of the Darcy Burdock series for children. We’re standing in front of giant letters that stand for Little Star Writing.

LSW provide inspiring creative writing workshops for children. They pulled out all the stops to put on a fab mini-festival and awards ceremony, and it was tons of fun. Around 400 people came along.

Crowds outside


 Laura went on first. I really enjoyed her show. She is funny and inspiring and has a real way with children as well as words.


It was my turn next, and I had a lot of fun talking about dinner ladies, superheroes, Secret Agent Mummy and the Aliens Stink song. My electric ukulele got its first outing, and in such a lovely theatre, too. Lucky me.

Steve plays uke

Then Laura joined me on stage and we had a Q&A session with a difference – all the questions were tied to balloons which were batted onto the stage by the audience! It was quite a sight.

Steve and Lauren inundated with balloons

Finally we announced the LSW award winners – children who had all done amazingly well with their creative writing – and welcomed them onto the stage to receive their certificates and prizes. Then it was time for the book sale and signing which went on a long time…


One of the posters for the LSW day featured drawings of me and Laura, and I was presented with my own copy of mine. Cute, isn’t it?

Drawing of Steve

It was drawn by Lauren here, and I was delighted to meet her afterwards. Thanks, Lauren!

Steve with Lauren
Thanks to Mel at Little Star Writing for a fantastic and inspiring day, with so many thoughtful little touches. I look forward to seeing lots of LSW young writers’ books on the shelves some day!

  • Wonderful,
    as ever the exuberance and contact with the audience shines through. I am sure more folks will add comments from being there but from me just to say well done and keep writing and jumping about

  • I didn’t know you could get electric ukuleles! I have an acoustic one at home, but a couple of the strings came off, so I mainly stuck to playing my cardboard lute (a tissue box with elastic bands stretched over it) until that broke too. I think an electric ukulele could be safer…

  • LSW looks great, Steve. And I like that drawing from Lauren there, looks really spider-tastic….or Steve-tastic in this case.
    Nice talking to you


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