Mission: Exhaustible

30 Jun 2014

I’ve been keeping busy!


Last week I hosted the Southampton In2Music Concert at Central Hall. In2Music reaches thousands of children and offers first access to a musical instrument at NO cost. The kids learn in class each week for a school year, then take part in a big concert alongside amazing musicians such as shimmering string-section Cordelectra above.

I enjoyed hosting the show. The kids worked hard and had great fun playing. It was a lovely night. I even got to play the Aliens Stink song on the ukulele to everybody. You can see me playing that song to a smaller audience at a ReadingZone live streamed event by clicking here.

By spooky coincidence, Cordelectra played several Bond themes at the concert. And after taking part in the ReadingZone festival on Friday, I spent some of my Saturday with some lovely, friendly children’s book bloggers at a Bloggers’ Brunch in London talking about Young Bond. In utter secrecy, I shared with those bloggers some small but vital details about the plot of SHOOT TO KILL… or did I?

film reel

As well as cake and popcorn there were special little rolls of Shoot to Kill film lying around the venue… but what top secret images did they contain? Or did they in fact simply contain ordinary sweets? Or had something been hidden inside the ‘ordinary’ sweets? Or… ha ha!
Just over four months to go until my first Young Bond is published. I cannot wait!
  • Busy, busy, busy. Sounds like a lot of of work and fun you had there Steve, and your ukulele song is really cool too. Can’t wait for young bond to come out as much as you do Steve, just imagine if they made a film about it….brilliant!


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