25 Mar 2015

Dressed upIt’s not often you turn up to a school and find teachers and pupils dressed up as characters from your books! I visited a school in Uxbridge and the first thing I saw were several Secret Agent Mummies and a sabre-toothed banana… Check out Posho Pig and a Dalek, above!

Steve Cole with Sarah McIntyre, Philip Reeve, Judi Curtin, Tom DoneganThen at the end of last week I went to Ireland for the brilliant Mountains to Sea festival in Dun Laoghaire. I took part in a talk about tips on becoming a writer or illustrator with Sarah McIntyre, Philip Reeve, Judi Curtin and Tom Donegan. It was really interesting to compare experiences!

Steve and Hannah


One would-be writer was Hannah, here. She’s read some Astrosaurs but this was her first try of Secret Agent Mummy!

Next day I did another talk. I was really pleased to find Let Loose the Leopard illustrator Bruce Ingman in the audience with his family, as well as the fab writer-illustrator Oisín McGann!Here I am with Alvie and Ted, who were both very cool.

Steve Cole with fans


Big thanks to Sarah Webb for inviting me to join in the fun in such a lovely location!

Now it’s back to the writing…

  • Hi Steve, I met you in Aylesbury last year. I am a passionate journalist ,but don’t know how to get my work noticed (apart from publishing and contacting local papers). Do you have any ideas? Thanks, From Tom Liddiard.

    • Hi Tom. I don’t have much experience of journalism, I’m afraid. One way to be noticed is to try and get some work experience somewhere – I did that myself long ago at a BBC radio station and it led to paid work. Or write a journalistic blog, follow others and try to get them to follow you, so you have a body of work online you can show prospective employers. Have you looked on LinkedIn for journalistic jobs/contacts? Good luck!


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