26 May 2014

I wanted you to meet Secret Agent Mummy’s pet dog, Mumbum – which is short for ‘Mummy Bummy’. Mumbum


Mumbum used to be a real magic mummified dog, until something terrible happened. He was almost killed – only his bum survived.

Luckily, his bum was very clever – it could even woof – and now Mumbum slots into battle armour to help his master in the fight against evil!

So now you know – in time for when Secret Agent Mummy hits the shelves on June 5th! Thanks to Donough O’Malley for his fine artwork.

Meantime, I’ve enjoyed my tour for Aliens Stink! The best bit was playing the Aliens Stink song on my ukelele.

Steve with ukelele

The worst bit was probably trying to do an event in a silver polyester spacesuit. I got so hot that by the end it was like climbing out of a baggy swimming pool.

There were lots of highpoints. I loved my visit to Bedford Primary in Bootle, I had fun on Radio Norfolk, the crowd at Avenue Junior School gave me the biggest applause of my life, my streamed interview with three schools’ worth of kids on Reading Zone was great fun and my after-school event at  Reepham Primary went crazily well. Can you spot me in the crowd below? (click the pic to make it bigger)

Reepham Primary event

Not much time for a break though. Tomorrow I’m going to Luton to speak on the BBC Three Counties Nick Coffer Show and then on Wednesday it’s BIG BOND NEWS as Charlie Higson and I go to the Hay Festival to unveil the cover and title of my new Young Bond novel…
Of course, I’m staying at Hay for my Secret Agent Mummy event on Thursday at 11.30am.
Meantime, thanks to everyone who looked after me on my tour – Claire Conway, Rosie Riddell, Phil Chapman, Rosie Dickens and the Norfolk Children’s Book Group, Thordis and Stephen at Radio Norfolk, Nikki Gamble at Just Imagine, Marilyn and Lynn at Norfolk Children’s Book Centre, David Blanch – and to Nic Wilkinson for setting the whole thing up.
  • I think Reepham is still aching from laughing so much! Thank you Steve for being such a great fun inspiration to our children.

  • Mumbum sounds great, although if only his bum survived, he probably misses getting pats on the head!

    • He has to settle for pats on the bum, now! But he’s learned to sniff with his bottom too, so he still gets overexcited sometimes like any other dog!

  • To Steve can you remember me at for takeley primary school can you order me a book please if that’s possible astrosaurs vs cows in action thank you

  • Sounds like a nice tour you went on, Steve. And I like the idea of mumbum the dog. I’ve just got back from a barge canal trip with my family , and It was really cool.
    Bye now


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