Stop Those Monsters

Here it is – the first sighting of STOP THOSE MONSTERS! Out on June 4th. I hope you’ll like it!

Meanwhile, I’ve had fun in Oxford and Cambridge recently. Both had literary festivals…

In Oxford I did an event called Young Bond vs Young Sherlock with Andrew Lane (on the right in the pic below). With lovely author Tony Bradman ably hosting, we worked out the contest was probably a draw!

tony Bradman Andy Lane


I also met Safira (is that how I spell it?) who is a big reader, and her mum who is a great supporter of children’s books.

Steve Cole and Safira

I met them again when I went to Cambridge to host an event for the brilliant Anthony Horowitz.

Anthony Horowitz with Steve Cole

The event was to 450 people in the Cambridge Union Debating Chamber. It was a great celebration of Alex Rider and James Bond, and Anthony kept us all well-entertained!