Pupil Librarian of the Year

Congratulations to 16-year-old Victoria Langford from Liverpool, Pupil Library Assistant of the Year 2017!

She was one of five incredible young librarians in training nominated for the prestigious award. Each was assigned a children’s author to be their champion, celebrating their achievements on stage.

I was Vicky’s champion, so I was extra-delighted when she won the award!

All the nominees received amazing prizes – engraved glass books, t-shirts, prints, signed books (there were LOADS of great children’s authors present), certificates… I was envious!

I used to work in my school library. After I went to university, the school librarian helped me out by ordering some of the course books I needed when I couldn’t afford them myself. I was so grateful. Afterwards, I returned them to the library shelves and helped out there to say thank you.

Where would we be without school libraries? Do remember to use yours… Get involved, find out more, and maybe you could be nominated for this award too!