30 May 2014

Shoot to Kill cover


Wednesday was the 106th anniversary of James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s birth, and I was on a mission.

I drove to the Hay Festival to rendezvous with brilliant comedian and writer Charlie Higson. Charlie was there to pass over the baton of Young Bond Authorship to me as we unveiled the brand new cover of my first Bond book – which as you can see is called SHOOT TO KILL. (Don’t worry, the finished book won’t be quite that big.)

Steve & Charlie

It was great to finally meet Charlie and he was good fun. Some people thought we must have called each other up beforehand to co-ordinate our outfits!

The Hay Festival is always a laugh, and an opportunity to hang out with fantastic authors and illustrators such as Philip Ardagh, Tommy Donbavand, Louise YatesAbie Longstaff, Lauren BeardSarah McIntyre, Philip Reeve and many others.

Hay’s Starlight Stage was also the perfect place to launch SECRET AGENT MUMMY. I really enjoyed my event – particularly the extended musical section at the end where the audience gave me ideas for songs.

Steve at Hay


Although anyone who says writing Young Bond has made me more aggressive on stage is wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Steve with kids on stage

(No Toms were hurt in the making of this photograph – or Georges for that matter! Thanks for your help, boys!)

Big thanks to Harriet for minding me, to Mary Byrne for arranging the programme and introducing me, and everyone who braved the wet and came along to see me do my thing!



  • Really like that Young bond cover, Steve. It makes me want to read it even more, looking forward to it. And secret agent mummy.
    Astros-tactic to talk to you

  • It was my birthday this Sunday and I’ve already read Magic Ink. It was fantastic! I’ll never look at goldfish in the same way again.

    • Aw, belatedly a very happy birthday, Poppy! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book (and goldfish will never look at you in the same way, either!)

  • Hi Steve you came to our school in felbridge and I was the girl who asked about you about playing the minecraft song after that when we went back to class and drew some pictures of characters you could write in your books

    All the best

    Stalla xx

    • Hello Stalla! I had a good time at Felbridge. I remember you saying you loved Minecraft! THanks for looking in on my website! Take care, Steve 🙂

  • I really enjoyed your talk, Steve, at Hay and I loved being on stage with you and Tom – it was great fun! I’m going to take your signed book to school to show my class including my teacher. Thanks, George

    • Hey, George (or should that be Hay, ho ho!). Thanks for coming up on stage with me, you were great! Glad to have met you. 🙂


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