27 Sep 2013

Steve Cole as Captain Britain

An Englishman in Spain! It was like two worlds colliding… a bit like Astrosaurs vs Cows In Action, out next week!

Those lucky Spanish children became the first to buy signed copies of AVCIA, which was exciting…

Those lucky Spanish children became the first to buy signed copies of AVCIA

I was so impressed with the amazing English spoken by the children, though for most it was their 2nd or 3rd language. I had to speak a little more slowly than usual, and do more acting, but the audiences and I had a superheroic time together!

Steve Cole in Spain

After ten days of jumping around and shouting all day before writing most of the night, I was exhausted. But I was very well looked after by Gary Carton of Bookbox International, who flew me out there, put me up in hotels and made sure I had food, drink and ice-cream! Thanks, Gary!

  • Steve,
    I am trying to contact you on behalf of my 7 year old son who loves your books, his name is Roan, he would dearly love if you could visit his school when you come to killarney on your library tour in october. his school is Fossa national school in Killarney & they have a fantastic literary programme & place huge emphasisi on reading & building libraries in each class etc, I have tries already to post a few comments but my laptop is causing problems so I do hope you receive this .

    • Hello! Oh dear, I’m sorry but I was actually in Kerry LAST October, 2012, not this coming one! I’ll be in Bath, Cheltenham, Chelmsford and Brussels but alas, not Ireland. But if I get another invitation I’ll let it be known here on the site. Big hellos to you, Roan – I’m so pleased you like my books!

  • Hi Steve,
    looking at you blog and your recent adventures in schools abroad is really inspiring and I personally feel especially excited as you will be visiting our school( The British International School of Brussels)on the 16th of October! As the Literacy Coordinator you make my job so much easier as you make reading fun and cool and the kids are all dying to meeting you.

  • Congratulations on your success!! Not sure if you would remember me from the good old days in Oakley, its Jane Parfitt. My brother came across your site and forwarded it to me to take a look. Looks like you are having a blast. Do you ever travel to Ontario, Canada to promote your work?

    • Hello, Jane! It’s lovely to hear from you… of course I remember my first sweetheart (aged 9)! Do you know, I’ve never been to Canada! I hope you’re having lots of fun.

  • Oh dear, I just reread my previous comment and noticed the typo! Not very impressive for a Literacy Coordinator I must say! We are however still really looking forward to your visit to Belgium next week.


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