My latest Young Bond novel is out, and to launch STRIKE LIGHTNING I went to Fettes College – the setting for the first third of the book, and the actual school that James Bond attended in Edinburgh, according to Ian Fleming!

I tried to channel some of Roger Moore’s suaveness but may have accidentally become The Saint instead of Bond!


Fettes College have been so helpful right the way along. They put me in touch with old boys who were actually at Fettes in the 1930s like Bond, and allowed me to tour the school, including all the secret nooks and crannies!

I decided to place James in Glencorse House at Fettes, and was honoured when I was presented with special ‘leaver’s cufflinks’ from Glencorse on James’s behalf.

Steve Cole given Fettes house Glencorse cufflinks

You can read more about my visit to Fettes by clicking here.

From Edinburgh I went on to Newcastle for more events, including one at the Royal Grammar School.


A massive thunderstorm in the night had woken everyone, myself included, about 4am so discussing Strike Lightning seemed extra-appropriate!

I hope you’ll enjoy Strike Lightning. Critics are saying it’s my best so far.