Happy birthday, Astrosaurs!

Today I salute Teggs, Iggy, Gipsy and Arx, those brave and intrepid space dinosaurs, whose first adventures – Riddle of the Raptors and The Hatching Horror – were published exactly ten years ago!

I didn’t realise at the time just how the Astrosaurs would change my life. If they hadn’t taken off then I would most likely never have written Cows In Action, the Slime Squad, Astrosaurs Academy, Secret Agent Mummy and so many others… and never have visited so many brilliant schools and festivals in so many far-flung places to talk about them!

What’s especially nice is that other countries are still discovering the Astros. They’ve been translated into over a dozen languages now and Germany will start publishing this year.

So, happy ten-years-in-print, Teggs and co!