Ten Years of Astrosaurs!

03 Feb 2015

Happy birthday, Astrosaurs!

Today I salute Teggs, Iggy, Gipsy and Arx, those brave and intrepid space dinosaurs, whose first adventures – Riddle of the Raptors and The Hatching Horror – were published exactly ten years ago!

I didn’t realise at the time just how the Astrosaurs would change my life. If they hadn’t taken off then I would most likely never have written Cows In Action, the Slime Squad, Astrosaurs Academy, Secret Agent Mummy and so many others… and never have visited so many brilliant schools and festivals in so many far-flung places to talk about them!

What’s especially nice is that other countries are still discovering the Astros. They’ve been translated into over a dozen languages now and Germany will start publishing this year.

So, happy ten-years-in-print, Teggs and co!


  • I’m wishing Astrosaurs a happy birthday too! I hope Teggs has been celebrating. I wonder if he’s finally let himself have some time off?

    • Thanks, Poppy! I think he’s having a well earned vacation, probably on the holiday planet of Fernopolis where the eat-all-you-can buffet weighs several tons!

  • Hey, wow Steve, your right! Astrosaurs have been around that long, I’m guessing you probably had a celebration judging by the picture above

  • Wow! Ten years! Happy birthday, Astrosaurs! Here’s to another ten years of incredible adventures, with plenty of plants on the side.

  • Happy Birthday to the Astrosaurs!
    Your visit to our school in Switzerland was so inspiring to the kids. There are Astrosaurs, Cows and Mummies all over the playground! Thanks so much, we all had a blast.

  • Happy Birthday to the Astrosaurs!! The boys think they are brilliant and we are enjoying discovering all the books. We find them very funny and they have led to many quotes in our house(sinking islands is very naughty/ I’m not clever, I’m a genius!). Our favourite baddie is General Loki of course. More fantastic books please 🙂

    • Why, thank you, Emma! Loki is my favourite bad guy too – hope you enjoy the extra-loing 20th Astrosaurs, Earth Attack, when you come to it, for Loki’s most wicked plan yet! 🙂

  • Hello, Steve, this may be a bit of a strange question but I was just interested to know if you went to university, if so, what subject did you study? If you could tell me that would be nice

  • Hi steve just wondering any news on your second young bond novel and I always wonderd if ever thought of putting or mentioning James’s parents house skyfall in any of your new books and do you think that spectre will reaveal anything that young bond did that would cool

    • Hi Stephen! Well, I’ve recently delivered the second draft of my second Young Bond so I’ve been very busy with James lately! I can’t talk about what’s in it, yet… It would be interesting if SPECTRE did reveal any interesting info!

  • OMG i cant believe i met you you today. You inspire me I love your books there amazing im like your biggest fan and im only 11 years old like one of your kids ;] Thank you for writing all of these wonderful books xx bye

  • Hello! My 5 year old is currently reading his second Astrosaurs book and is loving it! He has to create a ‘book in a box’ project for World Book Day next week. He wants to use a scene from ‘The twist of time’ in his box and dress up as Tegs on Friday! It is his 6th birthday on 2nd March (where he will be getting some more books!). I don’t suppose you could possibly email a quick note for us to use on his box? He would be thrilled!!!
    Many thanks
    Amy McCoy

  • Hello Steve cole, I’m a 17 year old in the first year of college and may I say that even to this day I adore the astrosaurs books you have created. I found out about it when I was 10 year old, looking at a book shelf and seeing a orange stegosaurus holding a red cube. It intrigued me so I picked it up and read it. It would start the beginning of a fan of your astrosaurs series

    I unfortunately lost the books I had. But I can never forget about the astrosaurs crew.

    You’re awesome man!

  • hello Steve,
    i like ASTROSUARS books so much.i have books number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    and 22 from Thame library.also want to say:happy birthday to astrosaurs!

  • My son loves Astrosaurs, he is a massive fan and is so excited every time we buy him a copy. (He has 1-7 at the moment). He wrote an amazing book review on Seas of Doom and subsequently got Learner of the Week at school, and he also got his Cubs book badge for reading and discussing Astrosaurs. He is working on his Cubs collectors badge at the moment, and you guessed it, he is collecting Astrosaur books lol. Will there be a book 23?


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