Unwrapping Cleopatra!

19 Jan 2015

SAM2 – The Cleopatra Case came out on New Years Day! Always nice to kick off a new year with a new book! As you might guess, it features the famous pharaoh of all… as you’ve never seen her before!

Cleopatra Curse!

Sam and Niall really have their work cut out for them in that adventure… But just wait for book 3 – the Hieroglyphs of Horror!

It’s a bit spooky as well as crazy. I’ve just finished the first draft, but it won’t publish till this time next year. Boooooo!

Steve in vocal booth

I’ve been in a very SAM frame of mind, as I had to pop into London the other day to be recorded reading the first two books as audiobooks. It’s fun to spend hours trying out silly voices… Cleopatra ended up sounding like Darcey Bussell!

Steve in Hackney

I’ve been whizzing round the UK again, talking about that crazy Mummy too. I visited Llandudno in Wales for the Take pART Festival, visited three schools in Norfolk and then turned up for a special Chatterbooks event at Hackney Central Library. it gives my hands a rest, anyway!

Meanwhile, there’s still time to vote in the Red House Children’s Book Awards! My¬†picture book, Go To Sleep Or I Let Loose the Leopard, is shortlisted in the Younger Children category. Voting is easy, just rate the books in whatever order you think is right by clicking here.

Now it’s time to start rewrites on Young Bond 2…



    • I did, thanks, Poppy! I got books, DVDS, clothes and a bit of time off! Hope you had a lovely time and got lots of things you wanted. How’s your writing going?

      • I’ve come up with lots of characters which are all connected to each other in different ways, but I’m not quite sure what to do with them yet! Do you have some advice to help me think up the right story for them?

        • Hmm, it’s a tricky one without knowing anything about the characters, but perhaps something big needs to happen to pull them into the story – one big arresting incident to kick it all off! I don’t mean, they all get arrested… or maybe I do, ha ha. Who would go to whom for help? Who would show kindness and who would turn their backs. What’s in it for them? By asking those questions you might start to think of your story.

  • Have just finished reading shoot to kill and enjoyed it very much could you send me a signed book plate and when is the next young james bond book out

    • Hi Tony. Glad you enjoyed STK! I will gladly sign you a bookplate but afraid you’ll have to write to my publishers, Random House, with your address (or send a message to the Steve Cole Books Facebook page with your request). As for when the next one is out – watch this space!

  • A new SAM book out already? Brilliant! I’ve only just read the first book, and now I can’t wait to see what Niall, Sam and Mumbum will get up to next!


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