22 Sep 2014
Well, just a month and a half till Shoot to Kill comes out. A few review copies have made their way out into the wild… Gulp!
It feels quite strange that after keeping this book a secret for so long, in November it will finally be available for all!
Of course, it’s already available for pre-order from your favourite book provider if you want to be one of the first to grab it. You won’t BELIEVE how cool the endpapers are…
The Bookseller magazine asked me some questions the other day. Guess what? I answered them.
Bookseller feature
Meantime, there’s lots of other stuff going on. You can catch me at the Bath Festival, 1.15pm in the Mission Theatre on Sun Sept 28th.
And I’m at the Cheltenham festival too. There’s a competition for younger readers – you can win a special tea with me, click here to find out how!
I’m also off to Derry ┬áin Northern Ireland that week… and WATFORD too. And trying to write stuff, of course.
Onwards we go!

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