08 May 2014

Yes, Aliens Stink! is out NOW.

“Told at a cracking pace, this is an action-packed adventure rich in jokes and the unexpected” – says critic Julia Eccleshare.

Aliens Stink by Steve COle

Aliens Stink! is a sci-fi adventure about a boy called Tim who’s caught up in a mahoosive struggle to save the Earth from a way-out, outer-space plot.

He’s helped and hindered by an alien called Little G, some brainy kids, a manic depressive soldier and a goldfish with hidden depths…

You can read Chapter One by clicking here!

You can watch the video I put together for it by clicking here.

But… can you wait until SECRET AGENT MUMMY is here next month? I hope not! More on this SOON…
Steve Cole and Secret Agent Mummy



  • I’m looking forward to reading this! I loved Magic Ink so this sounds great. I hope I’ll get it for my birthday next month.

  • That book sounds great, Steve, it might even SMELL it’s way to bestseller, I just watched the video of the trailer, the tune is really catchy.
    Hope to talk to you soon….

  • We would like to ask if you are available for a SRC event in Worcestershire 21st June or 14th August please?

  • Hi Steve,
    We are currently studying you as part of our Author study in Year 3.
    We will all be writing to you soon but one of the children would like to ask you a question that hopefully you will be able to answer on your blog.
    “Steve, who/what inspired you to write such funny books and what made you choose to write the slime squad books?
    Thanks Steve,
    3W look forward to hearing from you.
    P.S. Will you be visiting Formby, Merseyside soon?

    • Hello, 3W! How nice to be studied. I have always liked making people laugh, and was inspired by writers like Roald Dahl and superhero writers like Stan Lee. I made up the Slime Squad when I started to wonder if monsters have their own superheroes… the Squaddies were the result!
      I’m in Bootle next Tuesday at a school, but no immediate plans to come back to Formby. But keep checking the blog as I’ll announce a return trip here!

  • Hello Steve Cole, i am not writting this comment to you about the thing on this webpage, but about the events on the 11th Jully. At St Andrews Hall.
    Iwould just like to say that i think that you are one of the best authors that i know of. And that i am your biggest fan.
    Plus manny thanks for making the day at St Andrews Hall so memorable.
    Thanks: Jamie Waterson


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