Where have I been?

04 Oct 2015

Hi! First up – I’ve got a dog! Say hello to Clara (so called because she’s very good at running up and down corridors like Clara on Doctor Who). She keeps me company in my work cottage! She loves destroying tennis balls. It’s her thing.

(By the way, if you click on the pictures on this page, they will get magically larger…)

Steve Cole and Clara

 My latest book came out! It’s a sequel to Twit, called… ‘TWIT TWOO’. See what we did there?

Twit Twoo - sequel to Twit

 The next book to come out is the paperback edition of Shoot to Kill. Here I am at the Bath Festival, with the very first person to own a signed copy of this edition. Even I don’t have a copy yet!

Shoot to kill paperback

Meanwhile, 14-year-old Naomi – who used to read Astrosaurs and draw pictures of the characters when she was younger – recently rediscovered her collection and old artworks. She was inspired to create a new picture and sent it to me on the Steve Cole Books Facebook page. Isn’t it COOL? I’m really impressed.

Teggs fan art

I’ve got a lot of events coming up this week – Wimbledon Festival, Ilkley Festival and also Cheltenham Festival. On Saturday 10th October I’ll be revealing the title and cover of my NEW Young Bond book which comes out next year… If you’re in the area, come along! More details right here




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