28 Feb 2014

Steve LA

Hello! It’s been busy.

I enjoyed my week away in Los Angeles. I had some exciting meetings in Santa Monica, Venice and Beverley Hills, and spent 3 days as a guest at the ‘Gallifrey One’ Doctor Who convention. It was nice to have some sunshine… and Sontarans make surprisingly good company!

Steve & Sontaran

I got back during half-term and it was straight back to work on upcoming books… and school visits in Bedford, High Wycombe and Little Kimble.

I’ve just got back from Brighton, where I talked about my Young Bond book at the publisher’s sales conference – and had lunch with the brilliant Jacqueline Wilson, who was also there!

Steve Cole Jacqueline Wilson

Now I must crack on with the last rewrites on young James’s first adventure in my care… though I’m afraid I’m putting him through quite a lot!

    • It’s a bit crazy and full-on at times, but I can’t think what else I would do! Hope you’re having fun, Poppy.

  • Wow, thank you so much for an excellent visit – if you can’t inspire our young writers, then no one can!! Such a fantastic talk and presentation to our Junior School, you will be talked about forever! Clare Grimes, Librarian, St Andrew’s School Bedford.

  • HI steve I’m a big fan of James Bond and the Young Bond series
    I really loved charlie higson’s take on James Bond especially By Royal Command so I’m realy looking forward to more adventures of our favorite hero so I wish you best of luck I’m sure it will be a blast.

    • Hey, Stephen! THanks for your kind words. I loved Charlie’s take on YB too, and BRC is my favourite. I’m going all out to do justice to Bond and his world!

  • Wow! So awesome to look forward to that young bond adventure Steve, bit disappointed that there will be no more collector cards in your upcoming books, but I bet they will be still as awesome as they were!
    By the way, here’s a question:
    How many drafts do you write for your stories and how? I’m curious to know because I might need to know in the future, so please reply, see you soon
    – Chris

    • I’m disappointed about the collector cards too, but the publisher’s decision is sadly final! As for how many drafts, it depends. Normally two. Sometimes three, particularly for the first book in a series. Very rarely only one!

  • Hello. My name is Evan. I am 7 years old. I go to Sheddingdean school. I am doing a project with a display & a 15 minute presentation on the person who inspires me. I have chosen you. Steve Cole, you are my favourite writer. I know you are very busy but can I ask you some questions please? I would be very excited if I had an interview with my favourite author.
    1. Which of your books do you like the best?
    2. How do you get ideas for your books?
    3. Would you like one of your books to be made into a film or tv series?
    4. Who is your favourite character in your books?
    5. What was your favourite book when you were the same age as me?
    6. I love your book where the Astrosaurs meet Cows In Action. Are you going to write more of these ones?

    Thank you very much
    From Evan

    • Hey, Evan! Thanks for your questions. Here are the answers!
      1. I think Astrosaurs vs Cows In Action is my fave book at the moment, but it changes as time goes by.
      2. As I just told another site visitor, ideas are all around us, it just depends on how we look at things. I like to make the ordinary EXTRAordinary, by thinking about it in a slightly silly way! Unless it’s a serious book, of course! Ideas just pop into my head, I suppose.
      3. Yes! The people who made Shrek and Madagascar bought the rights to Astrosaurs and Z Rex but other stuff got in the way, sadly… maybe one day!
      4. I will always have a special soft spot for Captain Teggs.
      5. I loved all the Doctor Who books. Especially “Planet of the Daleks”.
      6. I’d like to, but I’m not sure when. I have a lot of new projects underway, so we’ll have to see!

      Thanks for your great questions!

  • Steve, my son has just dressed up for World Book Day at school, as Captain Teggs Stegosaur. It’s a home-made outfit but he’s super-pleased with it! Is there any way I post a picture of him to show you, he’d be over the moon! Thanks.

    • Fab! Are you on Twitter, Kate? I’m on as @stevecolebooks if you would like to send a pic, I would love to see it.

    • Never forget, Grant, ideas are all around us, it just depends on how we look at things. Make the ordinary EXTRAordinary, just by thinking about it in a silly way!

  • Hey Steve…
    Young Bond is great, so I’m looking forward to the next books. Is there a kind of ‘script’ that you have to follow when writing them?

    • No, you have to make up your own script! Ian Fleming, who as I’m sure you know created James Bond, has a company that checks over anything to do with James VERY carefully, so everything is agreed with them and checked before you start and after you finish.


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